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Our tailor-made investment products are designed to work in tandem with proven investment strategies.


Our indexes leverage the decade-long annual 19.4% growth of ETFs and result in ETF products that support Growth, Wealth Preservation, and Income portfolio strategies.

Toroso ETF Industry Index

Ticker TETF Index

Measuring and monitoring the performance of U.S. focused companies that derive revenue from the ETF ecosystem, our index utilizes a four-tier system that equally eights participants within the tiers.

Constituents Include: 


Separate Managed Accounts

Our SMAs have four to five-year track records meeting three outcome-driven strategies:


Focus On Growth

Toroso Sector Opportunity Strategy

Striving to outperform the S&P 500 Index while maintaining lower volatility than the market, this strategy enables strategic investment in a broadly diversified portfolio of U.S. stocks and a volatility hedging method that uses a carefully selected group of ETFs. 80% is focused on 3 – 6 U.S. sectors or sub-sectors poised to grow faster than the market, while the remaining 20% seeks opportunities created by markets and their volatility.

3pdfPerformance Fact Sheet

Focus on Wealth Preservation

Toroso Neutral Strategy

Endeavoring to protect investors’ capital and deliver returns that outpace inflation with one-third the volatility of U.S. equities, this strategy is built with ETFs and equally weighted allocations (25% each) of four asset classes.


3pdfPerformance Fact Sheet

Focus on Income

Toroso Target Income Strategy

Aiming to produce ongoing yields similar to owning individual bonds, this strategy takes a barbell approach that utilizes higher-yielding securities to drive the majority of the yield, and conservative cash equivalents that provide opportunities to tactically increase allocations to those higher-yielding securities when markets permit.


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Focus on Diversified Growth

Toroso Global Alpha Strategy

Striving to outperform the MSCI All World Index (ACWI) while maintaining similar volatility, this strategy is an equity ETF portfolio that maintains geographical diversification similar to ACWI. Its advantage lies in employing smart beta and active strategies to include securities usually absent or underweighted in traditional indexing in order to produce a high level of active share.

3pdfPerformance Fact Sheet