• Toroso helps financial professionals understand, select and use ETFs efficiently. The company is a recognized ETF industry thought leader, with over 6 years of track record researching, advising on ETFs, and managing ETF portfolios.
  • Our research-powered line of products and services includes ETFs (as sub-advisors or index providers), SMAs, and Custom Portfolio Management.
  • Toroso is headed by a team of early pioneers in ETFs that have dedicated themselves to moving the ETF industry forward for the last decade. The leadership team of Toroso is often quoted in leading industry publications such as Barron’s, the FT, WSJ, and Bloomberg.
  • Toroso has pioneered a unique ETF research software and portfolio management system.
  • Founded the first ETF Industry Think Tank and is also behind the TETF.index, which tracks the growth of publicly-traded companies working within the ETF ecosystem.
  • Toroso produces a weekly research update on the ETF industry including proprietary indicators and metrics to track the growth of the ETF industry.
  • Our mission: To make a difference in its clients lives through our ETFs knowledge and expertise.




Weekly Update

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Time to look under the hood of your Alternatives

In last week´s TETF index update, we discussed the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) hitting all-time highs and FAANG ...

In the News

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New Oil Play, Buyback Focus Among Investing Pro’s Top ETF Picks

Toroso Asset Management uses exchange traded funds to build custom portfolios for its clients. As a professional asset manager..

Quarterly Commentary

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Toroso Market Commentary October 2019

The Federal Reserve has started QE4 with huge injections into repo markets. Regardless of what you call it , upwards of 2 trillion dollars of bonds ...